A downloadable Shoot Em Up for Windows

This is my Diploma Project and i would appreciate to get some Feedback. The Plan currently is to make a full game out of this Project.

All Assets i used are from the Unity Asset Store, some are paid some are free.

Assets Art



Assets Music and Sounds


Currently there are only 2 Levels and 2 Bosses with a simple Main Menu and Pause Screen.

The Plan is to evolve it around 10-12 Levels with a Boss in every Level.

There is a simple PowerUp system in the Game and i would like to make every Level with different  Weapons so players have  a different experience when they play each Level.

Controlls right now:

WASD is for movement

Left mouse is shooting

Esc and P for Pause and in the Menu and Pause screen only the mouse works

Controller works too for Gameplay!

I hope you enjoy it for what it is right now and i would appreciate every Feedback i  can get. Still in learning  C# coding and i am no artist. So i need to find some Artists and Sounddesigners. If something is not clear you can always message me here or on twitter.

Thanks for playing <3

Install instructions

There is no install file, it's only a Unity exe file. 

So Unzip the AstralBlazeBuildZip, open the AstralBlazeBuild folder and there should be the AstralBlaze.exe to start the Game. I also put a short controlls text file.


AstralBlaze.zip 127 MB


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So Far Amazing looking shoot em up..Keep up the Excellent work :)